Christmas Countdown

Included in one of my favourite books is a countdown to Christmas in the form of a To do-list, starting ten weeks ahead of Christmas Eve. My intention is to share this countdown with you guys, as it's full of useful tips. I will do this in a series of posts over the next ten weeks.
Now, as the list makes out two full pages of the book I am actually not sure if I am breaking any copyright laws by publishing it (although I do believe up to ten pages is allowed, at least in Norway). In an attempt to lessen the potential wrath of the copyright holders I am making my posts (well deserved) advertisements for the book itself - you can get it here, along with a bunch of other interesting-looking books.

Now, to begin at the beginning:

Ten weeks ahead:

* Read Christmas editions of magazines for ideas
* Visit Christmas departments to see what is available
* Write out a gift list and decide what to make and what to buy
* Design and plan a gift-filled advent calendar
* Design Christmas cards and gift wrap
* Gather odds and ends that will be useful for finishing touches,
such as leaves, seed pods, buttons, ribbons, sequins, beads, shells and boxes


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15.10.2012 kl.09:45

Thats allways somthing I do ''when its to late'' -read the christmas inspirations magazines..year after year..*dørph*


15.10.2012 kl.22:14

Seems like I'm on the right track ;)


17.10.2012 kl.19:47

Jeg også.

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