Christmas Countdown V

Two weeks left till Christmas, and according to my book this is what you should be doing:

* Get table linen laundered and decorate if desired
* Buy a fresh tree and keep it in water in a cool place:
bring it indoors as late as possible
* Test tree lights and replace broken bulbs
* Stock up on candles
* Look for supplies of holly and evergreens
* Shop fpr non-perishable food
* Make dishes that can be frozen, such as stuffings, soups and mince pies
* Ice Twelfth Night Cake
* Make panettone and store in foil
* Make Pavlova shell and store in an airtight container

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Tante Jul

Tante Jul

39, Sarpsborg

Jeg er helt normal! Og jeg tror det finnes litt jul i det meste.