Christmas Countdown VI

Last week before Christmas, and here's what to do:

* Decorate the tree
* Wrap and decorate gifts
* Make decorations using evergreens, such as a kissing bough
* Make gingerbread angels for the tree
* Decorate the house with shop-bought and home-made decorations
* Make cranberry sauce
* Make truffles and refrigerate
* Make Cumberland Rum Rutter
* Make gingerbread house pieces and store in a cake box
* Make bisquits and shortbread and store in an airtight container

Again, the recipes and instructions for the various items in this list can be found in the book Ultimate Christmas by Jane Newdick. I expect that some of you have your own traditional recipes that you can replace these with. And, hey, why wouldn't you complete the gingerbread house at this point? Why wait?

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Tante Jul

Tante Jul

39, Sarpsborg

Jeg er helt normal! Og jeg tror det finnes litt jul i det meste.