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So far it seems like all my English blog posts are simple ones, where I just show a picture and make a short comment. This post will be no different, I am afraid.

We spent almost a full day in the public park here in Benalmadena, and of course, during a stay like that you sometimes need to use the toilet. I loved these tiles:

Even without the obvious colour coding I wouldn't be in doubt about where to go...



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- Hannah

16.11.2012 kl.13:08

Hahah, awesome


16.11.2012 kl.17:46

Det må være de kuleste toalettskiltene jeg har sett!:o)

Tante Jul

16.11.2012 kl.17:59

Emmieverlasting/Jeanette: Ja, de er fine, ikke sant? Jeg kunne ikke la være å vise dem frem :)


16.11.2012 kl.18:01

Det skjønner jeg godt! :o) God helg!

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Tante Jul

Tante Jul

39, Sarpsborg

Jeg er helt normal! Og jeg tror det finnes litt jul i det meste.