Who would have thought it?

Yesterday I posted a photo of a strange looking device in my advent calendar and asked you what it was.I received quite a few answers from you, and everyone had guessed that it had to do with baking. For the longest time, however, I thought I was only going to see one correct answer, and that was the very first one I'd had.I was beginning to worry about the general knowledge of our Scandinavian heritage, as the device is for cutting a traditional type of Christmas cookie and the only correct answer had come from an American. In the end I did get some more correct answers, thank goodness.

Since for some reason I cannot find the original photo in my files I will show you this one from ultimatebaker.com instead:

In ultimatebaker.com this is presented as a fattigmann cutter. The cookies are called fattigmann in Norwegian, klejner in Danish, and klenäter in Swedish.

I would like to congratulate Diane on the victory. It's good to see that our traditions are well looked after overseas, at least.

And now I think I have to actually start using my own fattigmann cutter, just for the sake of it...


Want to have a go at my advent calendar? Click HERE for today's question and try to win some homemade toffees!




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Diane Peterson

19.12.2012 kl.07:13

I'm hoping I'm the Diane that won the fattigmand question. I am Britta's mother. I love your blog. I am as excited about Christmas as Britta is about Halloween. Thank you so much!

Tante Jul

19.12.2012 kl.07:20

Diane Peterson: Hi Diane! Yes, you are the one. I was really happy to see you finally participated, after all you are one of the reasons why I made the advent calendar in two languages this season. Last year I noticed someone used google translate for the questions almost every single day, and with the way I write in Norwegian the google translations are complete and utter crap most of the time...

diane peterson

19.12.2012 kl.16:38

Thank you for using both languages--you made it much easier to understand. I love watching your blog and participating in Christmas in Norway with you. And thank you for picking me as the winner! What fun!

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