"Photograph an abandoned building"

As some of my readers know I have a profile on dayzeroproject.com, with a list of goals I intend to achieve in 1001 days. Browsing the dayzero website I often come across other people's challenges, and when I find something I want to do, too, I add the goals to my own list. It's very inspirational.

During one of these browsing sessions I came across this lovely photograph, a result of a challenge called "photograph an abandoned building":

I absolutely love this photograph!

Now, I did not find a way of commenting directly to the person who has taken the photograph, and there was no link to a blog or similar in the person's profile, so unfortunately I have not been able to ask permission to use it. However, the photographer's name is Louisa Llewellyn (sounds Welsh, doesn't it?) and her nickname on dayzero is Purpleglitterandtea. I hereby give her all credit for the photo and ask her humbly to forgive me for using it.

Thank you.



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Tante Jul

Tante Jul

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Jeg er helt normal! Og jeg tror det finnes litt jul i det meste. vejrup@gmail.com