What's happening?

It's time for one of my rare posts in English again. This time I would like to address something peculiar that has happened to my statistics.

Now, my blog is not among the most popular ones. Most definitely not. I may have a good couple of handfuls of readers per day, which is fine by me. Some leave comments, some don't. Some return, some probably don't - as I can be a boring arse sometimes. My blog is not about getting as many followers as possible (yeah right, that's what they all say!).

So what was this thing about my statistics?
Well, it's not that I am getting lots of more readers - although the numbers have actually increased slightly over the last couple of months, in spite of my posting fewer posts than ever before. The peculiar thing has to do with the percentage of foreign readers. I have always had a few, as I have friends and family who don't live in Norway. But lately there have been days when the amount of foreign readers has been more than double the amount of Norwegian ones! And that's weird. Especially given that I don't have all that many posts that aren't written in Norwegian.

I had a good long think about this.

And then it struck me.

It has to do with hashtags.

Of course.


I haven't really used hashtags before, as I am pretty backwards with everything new and exciting that has to do with social media and technology and stuff. But I did start using them a while back. And there are a few that I have used quite a bit.

They have to do with this guy:

Seen him before?

And did you get to my blog by searching for #richardarmitage , or #armitage , or #RArmitage , or #RA , or...
well, you know what I mean.

If you did, you just proved me right. Thank you. Please let me know in a comment.



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